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    Air Force 1 Type

    The Nike Air Force 1 Type is part of the N. 354 range—a collection of models made to reflect the brand’s capacity to innovate through honoring Nike’s past and present. It features the AF1’s rubber outsole with its concentric circle grip and an Air midsole. Beyond these classic attributes, the sneaker is scattered with compelling details.

    A large, checkered panel wraps all the way around the front of the foot, bridging the midsole and the toe of the upper. Moving backward, the midfoot and rear segments are different on each side. The lateral midfoot is a solid section that sports the N. 354 text in a handwritten font but has no swoosh. Above it sits a strip of material that attaches directly to the eyestay, interrupting the stitching that skirts the rest of this feature. The quarter panel is also solid, but on the other side of the heel strip, things become transparent down the shoe’s medial flank. A translucent swoosh is overlaid with a band of material separating the mid and rear sections, while stitching is visible underneath. A puffy, round-edged rectangle also expands out of the medial side just below the eyestay for a curious design aspect.

    One of the most noticeable parts of the Air Force 1 Type is the strap that encircles the heel. Held in place by a loop on the medial side, this band is attached using Velcro and can be adjusted to alter the fit to suit the wearer’s feet. Its inner workings can be seen through the sneaker’s transparent sections—four flywire cables are visible as they travel from the end of the strap to the midfoot, where they sink into the shoe and wrap over the foot and under the laces, helping to provide a snug fit.

    The soft, stretchy tongue of the AF1 Type also has a characteristic appearance. It is dotted with circular indentations, each containing a tiny perforation in the middle, making it incredibly breathable. At the back, the solid heel patch has no apparent stitching along its bottom edge, leaving room for the heel strap to pass through. Here, the original branding of the Air Force 1 Type is also revealed—a thin swoosh with a split tail end that looks like it’s been drawn on. It appears again at the tip of the heel strap, while a final tiny swoosh is pressed into the top corner of the tongue.

    Inside the AF1 Type, the insole explains the inspiration behind its development. All typed in capitals, it reads, “The ‘AF1-Type’ design is based on a prototype Nike Air Mowabb from 2001,” and ends in another sketched swoosh. This final detail encapsulates the essence of the N. 354 project, proving that the model is a true homage to Nike’s past.

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