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    Air Force 1 Luxe

    The Nike Air Force 1 Luxe is constructed upon a bulky sole that gives it the appearance of a sturdy boot. The concentric circles typical of the AF1 have been altered to form more of a diamond shape, while the grip lines are ridged zigzags in a much more angular design. The lugs along the side of the outsole are not uniform—every fourth one is sunken— leading to an uneven perimeter that matches the construction of the tread underneath.

    The midsole has a dual-layered profile consisting of a wider section at the bottom that forms a narrow step around the edge. It also has a textured surface with Air text embossed in a bold, enlarged font. The top section is smooth and features a seam that accommodates long stitches. This thick, chunky midsole combines with the outsole to lift the wearer slightly, providing the Air Force 1 Luxe with a solid, durable base.

    Alongside classic overlays made of high-quality materials such as leather or suede, the swoosh has been emphasized through a double layer. Two pairs of large stitches connect the dual swoosh to the lateral midfoot panel, with just a single pair on the medial flank to bring contrast. There is also an extra stitched section at the bottom of the eyestay with a swoosh embroidered into it. This adds a luxurious touch, as do the top eyelets, which are oval in shape, lined with metal or another sturdy material and surrounded by delicate stitching.

    The tongue carries debossed Nike text in the same thick font as the Air lettering on the midsole. Just below this is a broad, tapered lace loop. Many AF1 Luxe sneakers are fastened using thin laces that have metal aglets at their tips, while just a few come with wide laces. At the back of the shoe, there is the familiar heel panel, but this one has a simple swoosh pressed into it and a large pair of stitches fastening it to the heel strip below. Understated branding appears again on the insole—a swoosh with handwritten-style Nike lettering in lowercase printed over it. It’s the combination of these subtle touches and the robust sole that gives the Air Force 1 Luxe its unique character.

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