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Exquisite materials and classic design details are met with intriguingly unique branding effects on this Jordan 3 Craft, making it a highly elegant sneaker. Its base is formed of a rubber outsole with a semi-translucent beige complexion around its edge and across the midfoot, bringing it a powerful lightness. A cone-shaped section in Mist Grey resides beneath the forefoot, its opaque surface filled with concentric circular grip formations, while the solid white area under the heel and medial edge has Jordan text embossed along its center in a similar shade of gray. With this sturdy structure offering the wearer a confident step, the midsole takes care of comfort via the Air cushioning visible through a window in its heel. Its dual-layered polyurethane exterior, meanwhile, adds a graceful aesthetic with its mix of white tones – a pristine one coats the lower layer and the front half of the upper one, and a creamier hue the rear half of the top layer.

The upper continues this bright color scheme on the Ivory tumbled leather overlay that reaches from the forefoot, through the quarter and to the heel panel. This appealing off-white tone also coats the mudguard, the tongue and the perforated underlayer around the top of the mid-cut collar, the upper eyestay and the lower part of the tongue. White laces tie up over this last feature and are held in place by various different eyelets. At the bottom, they pass through Mist Grey ringlets in the main leather overlay, higher up they thread in and out of tan-colored semi-circles of TPU flanked by an extra suede overlay in Mist Grey, and at the very top, they are secured by a pair of eyelets set into the front of the collar on each side and decorated in a smooth shade of cream.

Internally, the sneaker is lined with soft Mist Grey fabric that offers a cozy feeling around the foot. A white Jumpman logo has been printed close to the heel on the insole, and a similarly colored patch marks the otherwise gray surface on the underside of the tongue. Its frontside, meanwhile, displays a duo of Jumpman logos, one embroidered in Mist Grey thread shadowed by a second printed in a gentle shade of beige.

Elsewhere, the large, cone-shaped heel panel has a clever design that allows it to show off two forms of branding at once. It is made of a partially see-through material with a beige tint that reveals darker Nike text and a swoosh behind it. This creates the top part of the famous Nike Air logo, while its bottom half is completed by the word Air, which has been embossed into the heel panel below a Jumpman, thus allowing the shoe to have both the original and the updated logos at the same time.

Below this inventive heel adornment, the classic AJ3 elephant-print overlay can be found, its familiar design forged from raised areas of Mist Grey and sunken lines in white. It is backed by another layer of plush gray suede, as is the second elephant-print overlay on the toe, the finely crafted panels rounding out this Air Jordan 3 sneaker in style.

  • Gender Men
  • Brand Jordan
  • Collection 3
  • Style code FJ9479-100

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