Jordan 4 Retro

"Metallic Green"


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The gracefully monochromatic design of this Jordan 4 Retro is sprinkled with shiny, colorful effects, forging a sneaker that is aesthetically compelling. Part of this can be seen on the outsole, whose rubber surface contains herringbone indentations that point in different directions in the heel, midfoot and forefoot to provide all-round grip. While most of them come in white, the oddly shaped portion under the forefoot is Pine Green. In front of this is a white toe cap lined with star-shaped nodes, and behind it is a smooth white area with a Pine Green Jumpman in its center. The midsole, meanwhile, is completely white, its contoured lateral side drawing intriguing curved lines just in front of the visible Air window in the heel.

Sat atop this solid, comfortable base is a layered upper made of white leather panels. The largest one stretches through the middle of the foot from heel to toe, with a smaller one wrapping around the forefoot and two over the top of the shoe on the collar and quarter. Areas of white netting have been placed on the sides and front of this last segment to facilitate breathability within the shoe. Between them is a white tongue covered with laces in the same elegant tone that are held in place by a set of four Pine Green molded lace cages. These fan-shaped elements have a glossy complexion that has seen the sneaker given the nickname Metallic Green. The same effect is repeated on the large heel panel in the form of a dynamic Pine Green Jumpman with a carefully stitched outline that accentuates its glowing surface even more. Back on the flanks, the top two lace cages are connected to triangles of white leather that add structural support to the sidewalls.

Pine Green returns inside the shoe as well, blanketing the insole and the back of the tongue, whose velvety material seems to shimmer. The inner lining is made of this same soft material, but here in white, while a white Jumpman logo resides on the insole. Above this, on the tongue’s underside, is an Air Jordan patch that combines a white background with Pine Green text. Then, on the front of the tongue is a square patch whose white surface emphasizes the Pine Green Jumpman silhouette situated in its center. Just below it, the word “Flight” has been embroidered in ornate calligraphy to finish this AJ4 with a subtly stylish touch.

  • Gender Men
  • Brand Jordan
  • Collection 4
  • Style code CT8527-113

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