Jordan 4 Retro

"Taupe Haze"


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This Jordan 4 Retro combines earthy tones with textured materials for a sneaker that is powerfully stylish. Bold contrasts are created on the rubber outsole, whose sections of herringbone grip patterns face in different directions for comprehensive traction. While most of these pieces are black, including the stars embossed onto the toe cap, a vibrant Infrared 23 segment lies below the forefoot, and a smooth white piece fills out its center. In the middle of this last part is an Infrared 23 Jumpman – the first of many compelling branding effects to be found on this design. The polyurethane midsole switches from black in the forefoot to white along the medial flank, the heel and part of the lateral side. Encapsulated Air supports the forefoot, and a second pocket of this springy cushioning is clearly visible through the window in the heel.

The upper, meanwhile, is covered in the titular Taupe Haze – a muted shade of brown with a tinge of light purple running through it. While the main overlay that runs from heel to toe is made of suede, the forefoot overlay, the quarter panel and the collar all come in cracked leather, creating a memorable contrast in texture. Taupe Haze mesh appears on the sides and over the top of the quarter panel, its broad netting revealing a black material underneath. The same tone coats the fan-shaped pieces of TPU that provide additional eyelets at the top and bottom of the eyestay on each side of the tongue. These bring an element of customisation to the sneaker as the wearer can adjust the black laces by using the different eyelets in these features if desired.

Along the flanks, black structural wings made of the same sturdy material as the lace cages reach up from the sides of the heel to bring added stability to the ankles. Around the back of the shoe is a large black heel panel whose upper portion has been formed into a fan-shaped pull tab to match the construction of the TPU eyelets, though rather than holes it has embossed cubes. Set into the center of the heel panel is an embossed Jumpman which stands out boldly in Taupe Haze against the dark surface it emerges from.

Inside the shoe, the black inner lining gives way to Infrared 23 tones on the insole, which hosts another Jumpman, this time reversing the color contrast seen on the heel by presenting itself in black. Above this, the underside of the tongue is also Infrared, as is the Air Jordan text on the black patch woven into it. On the front of the tongue, the dapper hue of Taupe Haze shows up once more, covering its cracked leather exterior and the smooth surface of the square label sewn into it. Black Flight text can be found along the bottom of this label in a calligraphic font, before an Infrared 23 Jumpman seems to leap over it to round out this Jordan 4 with a vivid flourish of color.

  • Gender Men
  • Brand Jordan
  • Collection 4
  • Style code DB0732-200

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