Nike Air Max Plus x A-COLD-WALL*



    Nike Air Max Plus x A-COLD-WALL* FD7855-002 01
    Nike Air Max Plus x A-COLD-WALL* FD7855-002 02
    Nike Air Max Plus x A-COLD-WALL* FD7855-002 03
    Nike Air Max Plus x A-COLD-WALL* FD7855-002 04

    The use of a single tone from top to toe on this Nike Air Max Plus x A-COLD-WALL* sneaker gives it a classy look. Released in the silhouette’s 25th anniversary year, its updated appearance is based on modern industrial architecture, just like many of ACW*’s designs. The sole unit exemplifies this through its sturdy construction, with pockets of supportive Nike Air visible through artfully aged windows in both the forefoot and the heel. All of this is coated in an off-white tone called Stone, though the use of a translucent rubber on the outsole alters how this color turns out underfoot. Here, the forefoot is lined with a series of blocky shapes that somewhat resemble the classic waffle sole, while the heel holds ringed grip patterns. In the center, the fan-favorite Tuned Air logo can be seen, its yellow, red and white tones adding a dash of color to the design. Above this, on the midsole’s characteristic shank, is the text “ACW_TN98” and a plus sign, thus highlighting the collaborative nature of the sneaker.

    To aid the transition from the sole to the upper, there are several protective pieces of material. At each end of the shoe there is a TPU plate partly made using recycled matter. The one capping the toe has a frosted complexion, while the one enclosing the heel is set with lined ridges, and its surface is see-through. Visible beneath it just above the midsole on the lateral side is the A-COLD-WALL* bracket logo, opposite which is another subtle “+” sign. Down its center, which tapers up towards the top of the heel, are the shoe’s product code – FD7855 – another Tuned Air hexagon, with its familiar burst of yellow, and text that nods to both brands – ACW_NIKE. Stretching between these two thermoplastic panels is a smooth leather mudguard to shield the upper from mud and dirt.

    Unlike the original AM Plus, the upper of this Stone colorway has no TPU strips laying across it. Instead, these features have been incorporated into its full-grain leather upper so that the shoe maintains the powerful aesthetic of its predecessor but exhibits a bold new look as well. The surface of the upper has been treated to make it weather with age, reflecting the ever-changing urban environment that inspired it. Etched into its exterior on each flank is a beige swoosh, with three compact squares added on the lateral side and just one on the medial midfoot.

    Over the top of the foot, the minimalist tongue and flat woven laces are also covered in the sneaker’s titular hue. While the latter holds the foot securely in place, the former provides further distinctive details to bring depth to the aesthetic. At its top, a hexagonal tab has been placed, evoking the same shape as the Tn logo, but this time with the ACW* bracket and the word “Air” inside it. At its toe end, A-COLD-WALL*’s emblem appears once more in a subtle tone that is barely perceptible. The last feature of this compelling design is its bespoke insole. Each foot has a different graphic printed onto it – the left carries a repetition of the six-sided icon from the tongue in a silvery gray tone, while the right has a swoosh beside Air text to complete the fine detailing on this stylish collaboration.

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